Summer Scoring

Earlier this year I wrote a few bits here and there on house doctoring in the Barbican and decor and styling, which I’ve uploaded here for posterity.

Summer is not really the best time for renovation, not when you’re experiencing a heatwave and nearing summer holidays, and, you know, it’s coming home. But, summer makes for a good refresh.

If your home is fairly neutral, think about sprucing it up with some bright summer colours that lend a fresh look to your surroundings and keep that summer spirit alive.  Though the article linked above on decor and styling focuses on Spring, the tips stand on colour and current trends.

Of course, if you decide on a splash of red on white this week, that’s completely understandable. But remember, when the football is home, I mean, over, a bit of decorating might be just the thing we need to fill a huge gap in our time 😉

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