Grey and yellow are in this year…unless you’re my builder…or my client. But not if you’re a House & Garden reader!

It’s been a while since my last post, but for good reason, as I am currently in the middle of an interesting house doctoring project. So interesting (that I never go to sleep), that I thought it merited a post of its own.

This particular project is situated by the Tower of London (which could do with a bit of doctoring too after all these years – no, just kidding!). We’re looking at a two bedroom flat, with a very compact bijou kitchen/lounge/diner. All a bit on the dark side, with not great lighting. Whilst magnolia is good, too much is definitely not a good thing. This apartment really needs bringing up to date, and colour being injected gently. My clients have lived in this flat for many years, which has now become quite dated.


So currently, this flat is not on the market, and I have been called in to turn this around in six weeks. No pressure!

Three weeks in, and I have demolished their two bathrooms (don’t worry, it wasn’t by accident, it was by agreement), boarded up the old fashioned tiles in the kitchen, taken off door handles and light fittings, and ripped up all the carpets. Not bad, for three weeks of work! The only problem being, that sometimes design vision doesn’t always mesh with the client’s expectation.

Now the clients are lovely, but that doesn’t mean things always go to plan. In this case, we agreed upon colours schemes throughout the apartment, including a lovely retro yellow (very in right now) wall for the kitchen/dining area – just one wall. The clients okayed the samples, but weren’t so keen on the yellow wall once painted.

But that’s okay!

Despite my own vision of how to weave that yellow wall into the overall scheme, the mellow yellow had the opposite effect on my client (and the builder, who hates yellow with a passion!). As I could see my clients becoming distressed, I reassured them that at the end of the day, they are paying for this service, and I want them to be more than happy with the results. A wall can be repainted – business relations are harder to recover.

I am, of course now slightly revising my colour scheme (though I will be sneaking in some yellow via accessories and cushions). Hopefully, we will all be happy, and this flat will finally find a new owner. Who may even paint one of the walls yellow!


Alternatively, I could end up banished to the nearby Tower of London.

For more images of the completed project check out the gallery.

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